HR Mini Compliance Audit Providing Quick and Unbiased Appraisal of HR Performance

HR Mini Compliance Audit

How do your employment and labor law practices stack up against world-class standards?

Please take a few minutes to answer 10 quick questions below to get immediate feedback.

1. Do you have two separate employee files on each employee (one for confidential information and the other for work related documentation)?
Yes      No

2. Are I-9 forms documented and kept separately from the employee files?
Yes      No

3. Do you have all company policies documented in an employee manual/handbook that has been signed and acknowledged by each employee?
Yes      No

4. Are you sure you have properly classified employees as exempt or non-exempt?
Yes      No

5. Do you have the appropriate compliant forms for new hires, terminations; vacation/sick leave requests, jury duty, and disciplinary action?
Yes      No

6. Do you have a documented, formal procedure for employees to follow when they have a sexual harassment complaint that also provides for alternative reporting channels?
Yes      No

7. Do you conduct an annual HR Audit to review company policies and procedures, identify areas of risk and take appropriate action to correct any problem areas?
Yes      No

8. Are benefits, policies, etc. clearly communicated to your employees?
Yes      No

9. Do you have at least one person - whether an internal HR specialist or an outsourced HR service - whose primary responsibility is to pay attention to employment and labor law practices in your organization?
Yes      No

10. Do you have up-to-date state-compliant Job Descriptions in place?
Yes      No

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