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HR Advisors provides a broad menu of Human Resource Services for companies. From an economical low cost complete service package, HR ON DEMAND™, to complete on-site HR support, you can select the services that best meet your needs. It is our objective to provide the best solution for you and your company depending on the size of your business and the employee and operational requirements. From as little as $12 per day, you can provide all of the legal and regulatory requirements and support necessary for HR support and guidelines in today's business environment. To learn about each of our services review the information below.

HR On Demand™

Protect yourself from potential lawsuits and employee disputes for less than $12 per day with HR ON DEMAND™ from HR ADVISORS. HR ON DEMAND™ provides unlimited low cost, real-time access to a dedicated HR expert along with a complete package of compliance materials. READ MORE

On-Site Human Resources Consulting

HR Advisors On-Site Human Resources Consulting Services offers you a highly skilled Human Resource consultant to work either full or part-time, assisting you in developing and implementing your Human Resource Programs. READ MORE

HR Compliance Audit

The HR Advisors Human Resources Compliance Audit provides an independent appraisal of your HR Practices to identify areas of compliance and/or non-compliance, and provide a plan for you to mitigate risk. READ MORE

Employee Handbook Development

An Employee Handbook is a fundamental requirement of a sound human resources program. HR Advisors will develop an Employee Handbook that establishes the guidelines directing day-to-day contacts between the employee and the employer which will serve to minimize possible misunderstandings and potential conflicts. READ MORE

Human Resources Management and Employee Relations Training

Human Resource Training enhances a supervisor's basic skills to create a positive work environment for employees, educates employees on the guidelines for appropriate interactions, rules and rights and reduces the risk of the company's exposure for insufficient practices and incorrect procedures. READ MORE

Safe and Healthy Workplace Programs

HR Advisors provide companies with comprehensive Safe and Healthy Workplace Programs to reduce your Risk and ensure the safety of your employees. READ MORE

Employee Performance Management and Appraisal Programs

HR Advisors has developed and can provide you with the implementation of a comprehensive and effective program that gives your managers the tools to properly manage and appraise their supervised employee's performance. READ MORE

Job Description Development and Implementation

HR Advisors provides a comprehensive service that identifies the role requirements in the organization and develops and designs the job description and concurrent skill requirements for that role. READ MORE

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